Rogier IJmker

Arranger for choirs & Vocal Groups

“ For me Rogier might be one of the best arrangers in The Netherlands ”

Merel martens - choir leader & head of studies 'vocal leadership'

Hi, I'm Rogier. It's great to see you!

I've been writing for choirs since 2000 when I was a student at the conservatory of Enschede.

The best thing about arranging choral music is that it is possible to elaborate on the initial story that is told by the artist. There are so many possibilities that support and emphasize the story that the listener is actually listening to an 'sound painting'.

That's my ultimate goal in my vocal arranging.

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Meet Rogier at these exciting events. Hope you can make it!

15.10.2022 / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Balk TOP Festival

29.10.2022 / Enschede, The Netherlands

Prismare Korendag


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